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Information for Providers

How can I accept Life Gift Cards?

Mammogram Providers

Click here to enroll and accept payment from Life Gift Cards, LLC. Reimbursement is received from the payer: Life Gift Cards, LLC through your existing billing system. All terms are stated on the enrollment form.

Why should I accept Life Gift Cards?

Healthcare providers that accept the card, benefit from increased patient activity and services, community outreach, and a guaranteed payment for services. Jobs with health care coverage are decreasing and an increasing segment of the population is responsible for their own healthcare costs. Life Gift Cards allows those with the ability to afford medical procedures to easily cover the costs for those who can't afford a necessary procedure.

What charges are covered by the gift card?

The card can only be used for the specific procedure stated on the card. Other related services and fees are not covered and are the responsibility of the card recipient. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest information on new services covered as well as useful health and wellness information.